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The VRE Self-Employment (SE) track is a complex puzzle for a VRC. When your busy with 100s of other cases at a time, it can be hard to gather all the pieces that require attention while managing the complex Self Employment case. After an initial assessment for VRE Benefits, deciding the best track for the Veteran is of course paramount. If a VRC makes a positive preliminary decision to explore the Self-Employment track then getting the required SE Appendixes prepared and analyzed is essential. A Feasibility Study Consultant can be very helpful. Getting the Business Plan ready; Getting the Consultant to help Prepare the Appendix H; preparing the Feasibility Study for SEP; and helping with VRC case management down the road helps the VRC and Veteran alike. VBS is an expert in these processes. For a no obligation preliminary case assessment contact us here.

An important component during the process will be a required referral to a consultant for a feasibility study of the business concept, examining credit, asset development, and any item needed to ensure that the claimant is financially and personally ready to pursue. The feasibility study must meet VRE required professional standards and be useful to the Self Employment Panel (SEP) which approves each business concept. The consultant should have experience with the SEP process and be prepared to assist the VRC during the i implementation. VBS has prepared multiple feasibility studies and helped many Veterans build their Business Plans

The VA can be a real confusing maze. If you want help becoming an entrepreneur the first thing you need to do is go to Vocational Readiness and Employment (VRE) at the VA to see if you’re eligible for Chapter 31 benefits. If you are accepted, you’ll get an interview with a VRE Counselor who will help you choose the best benefits for developing a plan for your future. VRE Self-Employment might be your best direction, but it’s complicated and you’ll need work with your Counselor to champion your self-employment goal. In VRE Self-Employment it’s not about “wants” but it is always about your “needs”. And VRE Self-Employment requires having patience and persistence to achieve your goals. If you want to talk to someone who has gone through the VRE Self-Employment Program, please contact us.